The Sumlin Broadcasting Network and Jay Sumlin

The Sumlin Broadcasting Company is pioneering the field of internet cable television. Every channel possible… local, national and international is being added and streaming live wherever you travel or reside.  When we say live, we mean in the same moment.  No recorded or lag time in television viewing.  You get breaking news as it happens and that is of key importance.  The network is boasting Comedy, Entertainment, Horror, Kids, Murder, Crime & Detective Mysteries, Music in every genre, News, Religion, Sports, Weather, Western and all this for only $20 a month or $100 a year.  

Yes, the vision of Mr. Jay Sumlin, the Founder and CEO of The Sumlin Broadcasting Network is strongly connected to humbleness, a servant heart, honor and integrity.  Yes, this company could not have been created under any other circumstances other than from someone who cares about others more than himself.

Mr, Jay Sumlin has unlocked the Power of Personal Vision – a vision beyond human sight.  It is with this connection that The Sumlin Broadcasting Network was birth.  Many speak on the subject of leverage but when digging deep, there is no substantive value.  That is where I was immediately at attention when I spoke with Mr. Jay Sumlin for the first time and every time thereafter.  It was like falling in love for the first time but in this instance, in love with the vision and mission plan that matched the deepest inner feelings of what most of us search for.  A home to pull out our unlimited potential, a home where our dreams can start to mature into living the dream, creating phenomenal memories, be a blessing to others, giving a foothold on the climb….. Yes, Mr. Sumlin is providing the answer to many who are seeking an empowered life.   

This page is meant as an introduction to the cable television network, but many thanks has to go to the power behind it all….. GOD, as Mr. Sumlin would readily agree that it was not of himself but of a power higher than.

There is so many different facets to The Sumlin Broadcasting Network and as we add pages and blogs to this forum, you too will see the power of what you are affiliated with.

Go ahead and Sign Into the network .. and lock in your rate for the year.  Remember to add Adrienne Clarke as your Referral to be activated same day.

Welcome and Enjoy!

Internet TV is Here!!



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